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Manage your fleet and drivers more effectively with CALtrack


CALtrack telematics installed into your fleet of motor vehicles provides remote, real-time (or retrospective) monitoring of a vehicle's locations and movements by the vehicle owner or other parties.


The telematics units used for CALtrack not only provide accurate, continuous vehicle speed and location data but also straight line acceleration, angular acceleration and deceleration detail all via a real-time web information dashboard. This enables a far more complete understanding of usage of each vehicle in your fleet, which provides many benefits; not only to you but also to other road users and the environment.

Key Features


Vehicle Tracking


Track your vehicle’s current location, speed and distance anytime, anywhere.

Scalable To Your Needs


Track one to hundreds or thousands of drivers. We are ready to grow with you.

Performance Monitoring


Use data to analyse and improve vehicle and driver activities.


Custom Reporting


A powerful reporting engine, create and save regular reports, dead easy.

Real Time Map View


Monitor all your vehicles on a single map, updated live to the minute.

Job History


Client job history available where and when you need it, no looking for it, its right there.

Our Customers

"I had no idea of the benefits that CALtrack provides. 

We know know where our vehicles are at anytime and how they are being driven.  The fuel and maintenance cost savings along have more than recovered the intial installation costs. 

Our drivers a better trained to, by using the CALtrack data as feeedback."


Brian, Manager - Dispatch Operations, Brisbane. 




Savings in Fuel and Maintenance savings

Using tax incentivized fuel rebates and better scheduled maintenance, means your fleet runs at optimal operational performance at all times


- saving you money.

Increase 'On-Road'  Time

Less down time through improved maintenance management means your vehicles can be on the road for longer


- making you more money.

Improved Scheduling 





Getting on top of scheduling issues means your vehicles and drivers perform more efficiently for longer

- taking the stress out of operations.