CALtrack helps you move to a more environmentally sustainable future


CALtrack is a environmentally focused program thats about encouraging customers to adopt a more sustainable way of working such as transitioning to renewable energy and efficiency measures like new solar power systems and battery power storage that is eco friendly and cost effective. 

Understanding your need to move to a more eco friendly and sustainable future.

We see things differently

We see technology delivering.

Financial benefits

Use simple finance tools to make each solution financially sustainable long term.

Custom Focussed


A solution built around your needs be it a house, school, warehouse or corporate office.

Scalable To Your Needs


Adaptable to your situation large or small and any special requirement.

We see things differently

We see technology delivering.

Residential solar delivering real savings

Enhancing medical grade honey production

Solar power in school linked with eco learning program

CALCE Case Studies

CALCE and it's suite of innovative products can be applied to a wide and varied range of industries to deliver game-changing solutions that work. 


Check out some of the case studies that show how we apply technology and services to deliver solutions.