CALflow enables your  business to deliver its products to customers quicker, easier 

Tick all boxes with CALflow.  

CALflow is an industry leading smart app that any delivery erpson with an iphone, IPad or Android can ready, follow and use for what ever delivery.

Increase your customer service and revenue with CALflow through improved accuracy of EOD reconciliation, shrinkage minimisation & lower order inaccuracies.

We see things differently

We see technology delivering.

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We see things differently

We see technology delivering.

CALflow features

CALflow will transform the way you companies delivers it products to customers by providing a seamless ways to complete deliveries and observe their efficiencies. It does this visually through multiple functions including virtual driver, schedule efficiency maximisation reviews and route analysis.


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Fully integrated, safe and secure

Designed to easily integrate with your existing operational and financial systems with secure data sync.

Real time track and trace


Increase your customer service with real-time track and trace of orders.

Sign-on-glass acceptance


Use your mobile device to authorise delivery acceptance - no more need for those bulky delivery devices

Simple to use and fully mobile

Eliminates training and user errors, with larger words, buttons bases on user experience feedback.

GO GREEN with CALflow

Environmental Sustainability

It's at the heart of CALflow, through the innovative design that seeks ways to improve your environmental and sustainability efforts, resulting in reducing waste, reducing electricity consumption and lowering greenhouse gas emissions for your business. 

We think CALCE is on the right track

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Delivery Tracked


Invoices Payment Simplified

Concrete Truck Success

CALCE Case Studies

CALCE and it's suite of innovative products can be applied to a wide and varied range of industries to deliver game-changing solutions that work. 


Check out some of the case studies that show how we apply technoloogy and services to deliver solutions.