Unlocking the potential in companies and industries through innovative thinking

At CALCE, we build solutions that simplify processes, eliminate paperwork, and unlock cashflow opportunities that gives you greater control of your business.

We see things differently

We see technology delivering.

CALCE Products

CALCE has developed a suite of innovative products designed to work seamlessly with your existing business structures, whilst enhancing your performance, efficiency and sustainability.


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Are you still using paper to record deliveries?  

Looking for better financial solutions that gets your cashflow moving? 

Want to move to a more sustainable future?

Calce is a business solutions focused company building new and innovative ways for you to connect customers with suppliers in any industry using sustainable environmentaly friendly solutions.

Our Vision

To unlock the potential in companies and industries through innovative thinking and solutions in a world without limits.

CALCE and Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability
is at the heart of CALCE

Innovative design is not just about clever technology, its also about seeking ways to improve the environment and allowing your business to be more sustainable, by focusing on reducing waste, reducing electricity consumption and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.  

We think CALCE is on the right track.

CALCE Partnerships


 with CALCE offers your business entry and exposure opportunities into a vast array of fast paced industries, environments along with wider connections and business networks.

& Blockchain


We see cloud and blockchain more than just bitcoin and servers, its a safe, secure and transparent information sharing platform, that's ready now. 

Talk to us about how it can enhance your business

We see things differently

We see technology delivering.

Sustainable Solution Tracked

Invoices Payment Simplified

Concrete Truck Success

CALCE and it's suite of innovative products can be applied to a wide and varied range of industries to deliver game-changing solutions that work. 


Check out some of the case studies that show how we apply technoloogy and services to deliver solutions.

CALCE Case Studies